Helping Millions of Smallholder farmers access inputs, Farm advisories and better markets.

Kenya’s largest mobile platform where millions of smallholder farmers access easy to use, affordable and reliable farmer digital services

Our Services

Providing Guaranteed High Quality agriculture digital Services


Matching smallholder farmer groups to affordable input service providers using a mobile platform for enhanced mechanization of agriculture.

Crop mapping mobile platform

We use Earth observation, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to get agricultural insights and provide farmers with real-time information to help make right decisions at key stages of crop production cycle

Advertising & consultation

providing farmer data, SMS advertising, piloting of new seed varieties, farm consultations

with over 2 million messages sent farmers have been able to sell to buyers through our platform improving their profit margin 10 times and reducing postharvest losses

Why choose Us

taking millions of smallholde farmers to the next level

Precision Agriculture Redefined Harnessing Satellite Technology, AI, and Machine Learning for Sustainable Farming Success

Farmers registered

smallholder farmers engaged in the production of high yield, highly perishable crops in five peri-urban counties

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Large scale buyers

Large scale buyers registered in the platform include schools, hotels, retail outlets, agriprocessing, and exporting companies.

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Farmer-buyer transactions

who we are

We Are The Leader In This Industry

FarmIT Vision

FarmIT leads with precision technology, integrating satellite tech, AI, and machine learning for optimal farming. We empower farmers with cutting-edge tools, ensuring efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

7th June, 2019.

Oracle Innovations Award 2019

8th September, 2022

Pitch Agrihack Winner

Go Kenya

Started its operation in the five peri-urban counties bordering Nairobi County.

Inspired Corportation

Working with different stakeholders in the agricultural value chain and Big data to improve farmers livelihood

15th May 2023

Seeds For Sustainable Energy Award

OUR Skilss

we consist of experienced experts

FarmIT is a youth led agritech startup who have a dream of fostering user centric innovations that will solve the problems of access and adoption of technologies among farmers
Agronomist 97%
Software developer 85%
Financial Accountant 95%
Agribusiness Specialist 79%

Big data, consultancies on agribusiness projects, farmer buyer matching, inputs and advisories. we have the capability to deliver


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