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increase your farm produce and get access to ready markets using our mobile platform

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taking millions of smallholde farmers to the next level

a platform developed with a user centric approach solves the need Advisories, ready markets, and simple to use farmer digital tools

Farmers registered

smallholder farmers engaged in the production of high yield, highly perishable crops in five peri-urban counties

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Large Scale buyers

Large scale buyers registered in the platform include schools, hotels, retail outlets, agriprocessing, and exporting companies

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Farmer-Buyer Transaction

with over 2 million messages sent farmers have been able to sell to buyers through our platform improving their profit margin 10 times and reducing postharvest losses

Our Services

Providing Guaranteed High Quality farmer digital Services


Matching smallholder farmer groups to input service providers using a mobile platform

Crop Mapping mobile technology

Providing precision farm advisories and connecting small holder farmers to lucrative narkets

Mkulima Plus

An ecommerce platfrom for gettuing reliable, affordable and fast delivery of seed anywhere in the country

Advertising and Consultancy

providing farmer data, SMS advertising, piloting of new seed varieties, farm consultations

Reputable company

How we do our job

Marketing 95%
Communication 90%
User Centric Design 78%
Execution 99%

Insider Information: FarmIT team members include ‘Star farmers’ who have practiced¬† horticultural farming for the last 15 years. they provide us with information that help shape the design and service we offer to farmers.

A dream team: FarmIT team comprise of agronomist, agribusiness specialist, and software developers who have combined their brilliant minds to develop an ICT-enabled agricultural solution

A strong Community: we have built a strong community of stakeholders in the agricultural input and production sector especially in the seed industry, agrovets, research institutions and agronomists Association in Kenya and farmer groups.

Patent: We feel we have developed a system unique that integrates farmers, Buyers, and Consumers that cannot be easily copied and we have obtained patent for this.

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The mobile platform is easy to use. even with a basic mobile phone a farmer can access the services. readily available markets and they offer good prices
Christine Okolla
Farmer Kisumu
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